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vignette_des_portfolio_OPoulet-68899_600x480Did you know that the layout (design) of your menu is the easiest way, fastest and most effective way to increase your profits? Over the years we have developed expertise that allows us to showcase your menu items in a way that brings about the best opportunities for profit. Profit centers, positioning of the various elements, readability, style, texture, typography, are all aspects that our design experts consider when preparing each menu.

Advantages of having Menu Plus design your menu


1 – A detailed analysis

The work begins with an analysis of your current situation – website, advertising, decor, and clientele preferences – to act in continuity or identify deficiencies that can be improved upon.


2 – Identifying your profit centers and their development

With your collaboration, we identify the items on your menu that will lead to more profitability and the preferences of your customers. We will use these items as a focus and highlights of the layout.

3 – Proposals for funding graphs and typographical choices

Our designers conceptualize and create 3 different graphic backgrounds for you. They also offer 3 typographic styles and arrangements according to your personality, for a total of nine combinations from which you can make your choice.


4 – A final assembly in perfect harmony with your input

One of the many advantages of doing business with Menu Plus, is the seamless integration of the various elements of design, concepts and manufacturing of your menu. In fact, our designers have the ability to adjust the fields inside your menu with the utmost expertise by the craftsmen in our workshop. In a project where everything is custom made, this is a substantial advantage.


5 – Quality prints

Menu Plus has just acquired the latest technology in digital printing, so we can offer you absolute quality and increased opportunities.


6 – Digital files for your website

At no additional cost, we prepare your menu pages in pdf format, so they can readily be integrated into your website.