Embossing and Stamping
Chicago Screws
Laser Engraving to charm your guest
Stitching adds a touch of elegance to your menu’s leather
Metal Corners

Lire  choix de finition de vos menus et carte des vins en français

Finishing touches that make all the difference. Menu-Plus offers a wide variety of techniques to give you the finished look for your menu cover and wine lists. We invite you to discover that here.

Digital color printing will add glamour to see through window menu covers and wine lists.

Menu-Plus encapsulates those prints in ABS sealed lamination, or the incredibly strong and almost non-scratchable Lexan.

A 200-ton heated goffering press allows us to emboss, deboss, offer many different shapes.

Our laser engraving and cutting state of the art computerized machinery will make incrusting, sculpting, a very easy matter for us. Old generation polycarbonate (strong as steel) three dimensional ornamental incrustations gave the menu covers a new status never yet reached.

Silk screening: Menu-Plus has used this technique for many years but now, unless applied to polycarbonate & Plexiglas transparency we do not silk screening any longer.

Reason one: With the arrival of new generation of no stain treated leatherette, almost nothing will adhere permanently on high quality menu covers and wine lists.

Those menu covers and wine lists will rub and scrape on each other many times, every single day. Silk screening will fade away, sooner or later, just a matter of time.

Reason two: Pollution. Silk screening involves highly toxic inks and solvents. We prefer to avoid causing a toxic environment for our staff.

Note that even color added hot stamping, if not deep enough will disappear too.