Techniques to secure the pages in the menu cover

Restaurant menu digital print
Rods and Cords to held menu pages
Metal Fasteners, our unique technologie
Cut Corners allows menu insertion in the cover
French Ties
Vinyl Pouches
Sewn Window Menus

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There are many ways to install your pages inside a Menu-Plus menu cover. Each technique has pros and cons… Depending the number of pages you need to display, how often you like to change those pages, the kind of customer you want to reach… Horizontal bands will give you a chic appearance,  where as vinyl pouches are appropriate for a more family restaurant look. Menu-Plus offers the largest variety of page handling in the industry.

It is a fact that custom menu covers do not cost more… It allows you to show and to sell your profit center (wine, desert, most profitable dishes)


A good design is proven to sell.

Your menu cover and wine list needs to show the originality and quality of your establishment and to help you make more money.

Here are some methods and techniques to handle pages in your Menu-Plus menu cover and wine list:

Carbon fiber rod (on the spine glued, life-time warranty), Stainless steel rod (on the spine, glued), Elastic cord with barbs, Clipped elastic cord, Knotted cord, Bamboo stick. (on the spine glued), Horizontal bands, Die cut corners, Fabric corners (photo album style), Flipping magnet bands, Custom sculpted metal clips (with your logo or whatever), Custom sculpted metal corners (with your logo or whatever), The famous and so useful drawing concept, The U spine with chicago screws or Parisian ties, Vinyl pouches (more than 150 formats in stock, many shapes available), Window menu covers sewn inside the spine of your rigid menu covers or wine list.

And naturally digital color printed cover stock, scored, laminated, die cut (if needed)

Digital color printed plastic paper.

Windows menus, rods and cords to held menus pages, french ties for menu, cuted corner for style .