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Hard Menu Cover Metal
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Window menus and wine card
Vinyl Sealed menus and wine cards
Rolled Impressions

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The outside of your menu cover is the vehicle that contains and protects the contents of your menu. It also allows your restaurant to display and assert its personality: chic leather, metal or laminate – young, fun and festive. You can have it embossed with your logo, a laser cut and engraved plate or have a picture frame inserted to further personalize your menu cover.

Manufacturing those menus covers…

For 25 years, all our products are warranted.  That is why we offer only materials that have been proven to resist wear. All our menus covers and wine lists are tailor-made in all sizes to meet your needs. Here we present some options for the exterior of your menu cover: hardcover, aperture cards, vinyl sealed and rolled impressions. Hard Covers are available in many different finishes: leather, leatherette, sealed vinyl, metal finish and rolled impressions.

Every one of our menu cover’s components are cut with a die cutting press, laser cut or computerized cutting table. With that kind of precision it allows us to make very neat, elegant and thin corners; finishes unlike our competitors’ very thick double ply.

All our menus covers and wine list covers are finished with double boxes to improve spill resistance.

It is not the occasional accident that dictates that we sew the edges of rigid menus. For 25 years, we have been sewing all edges of our rigid menu covers and wine lists and bill holders. We have observed that by sewing the edges, they will last substantially longer than non sewn edges (+/- 30%)

All of us understand the subliminal message the menu cover’s physical weight gives customer when they handle it… that is why Menu-Plus offers three different thicknesses on all rigid menu covers .

Top quality matérials

All fabrics, vinyls & leatherettes used by Menu-Plus in the construction of those menu covers are made in USA & Europe, no mediocre off-shore materials are ever used.

Most of the polyurethane fabric used for building Menu-Plus’ menu covers comes from the shoe industry. The materials used to be up to three times the thickness of bookbinding material that most of our competitors use.

for long lasting

That why our menu covers last way longer. And now we are importing a new generation of materials exclusive to Menu-Plus in Canada, those new materials are almost impossible to scratch, (only sharp metal can scratch it) even pen ink can be wiped away!!

Since the acquisition of new computerized CNC cutting machinery we can now offer our clientele encapsulated metal menu covers and wine lists, they don’t tear table cloths no customer garment, no toxicity (verdigris) and won’t scratch the tables. We can now offer you a very nice choice of extremely hard finishes in metal menu covers…

About heat sealed vinyl menu covers… during the past 25 years, our high frequency sealing department has been furnishing many North American restaurant chains with very attractive, strong menu covers at a very interesting price and it still does.

That means that we now have more than 50 die sets to produce those vinyl menu covers in all kind of styles and shapes. Our boutique customers can now enjoy the fact those dies do exist and are free of charge. (High Frequency sealing dies set cost +/- 1200.00)

From our sewing department, 25 years of experience, allows us to offer the widest choice of materials, from knitted-to-size U.S. made polyester ribbons to fancy Italian polyurethane leatherette.

We pioneered the practice of double stitching along the edges of our menus, especially along the spine, where lesser quality menus will break and tear.

Life time warranty

You get a LIFE-TIME WARRANTY ON CORNERS.  All materials come from the USA and Germany. (Non-yellowing, transparent, two years warranty on stitches, two thicknesses available)

To end up with a more durable menu cover, we add reinforced sewn-in cardboard, less scratchy,  non-glare outside (no charge), all kinds of formats. (You dream it we will make it). The front and back page of those windows menu covers can be in full leatherette with your stamped logo, or digital color, lexan laminated (no scratches). All leatherettes from our collection are available to fulfill windows menu covers orders. (more than 100 in stock).