We make your restaurant menu and wine list

We guide you in the design and respect your taste in design so that it looks like you and it's unique.

Here are a few tips to create your new menu...

The first three qualities of a menu are:

  • Being the image of your brand,
  • Be a very good salesman. (a showcase, beautiful and friendly).
  • Integrate perfectly into your environment. (targeted clientele).
  • Increase your profits. (by selling more of your card's profit centers)

Step one:

Determine your profit centers.

Define a strategy, (how to sell more appetizers, wine, dessert or liquor)
Make a first draft of your menu text using the necessary font sizes. (The minimum size is 10 pts, even for comments)

When you know the size of your menu, add 25% and it will look nice and airy.


Adapted to the clientele:

According to the type of clientele (family, chic, trendy etc...) that you want to reach, choose the type of page support: vinyl cover, four corners, horizontal stripes etc...

Choose a support dimension from our website.

Then depending on the style of restaurant, and your budget, determine the type of cover: Hard cover or not, printed, laminated, in leatherette , vinyl


Method for a better result:

  • You should always start from the inside (what you have to sell) and from there determine the size of your menu. (Take into account the size of the tables and the brightness) The concept at first glance increases sales.
  • Don't sell prices, but rather your dishes (which are undoubtedly fantastic). Prices should never jump, your profit centres should.
  • Absolutely avoid standard formats, your restaurant is not a standard restaurant ... it is unique ... don't forget that!!!!

Ask the MENU-PLUS representative to help you,

or better yet, use our graphics department to get the job done.

It will always be a pleasure for us to share our experience with you, giving you advice since our goal is to make your menus look good and sell well.