Design & graphics


Did you know that formatting (designing) your menu is the simplest, fastest and most effective way to increase your profits? Over the years, we have developed an expertise that allows us to highlight the items on your menu that offer the best profit opportunities. Profit centers, positioning of the various elements, legibility, elegance, texture, typography, are all expressions that our design experts consider when preparing each menu.

What you get by entrusting us with the design of your menu

1 - A detailed analysis

The work begins with an analysis of your current situation - website, advertising, decor, clientele - in order to act in continuity or to identify shortcomings that can be corrected.

2 - Identification of your profit centers and their enhancement

Together with you, we identify the items on your menu that will benefit you according to the profitability and preference of your clientele. We will use these items as the strong points of the layout.

3 - Proposals for graphic backgrounds and typographical choices

Our graphic designers imagine and create different graphic backgrounds especially for you. They also offer you typographic style layouts that are in line with the personality of your restaurant.

4 - A final assembly in perfect harmony with your cover

One of the many advantages of doing business with Menu-plus is the perfect integration of the various elements of your menu. Indeed, our graphic designers have the possibility to adjust the interior of your menu to its cover in concert with the artisans of our workshop. This is no small advantage in a project where everything is made to measure.

5 - Superior quality prints